Free Scroll Saw Patterns

I hope some of these may be of use to you all. Please note the time it took through the years for all the designs I produce. I offer some of them for free below. I hope you’ll consider a donation with the button at the bottom of the page…in lieu of having to pay for them. Of course it is not mandatory by any means. I go through a lot of paper, ink, carbon paper and time to make these.




W-64 W-43 W-42 W-29 R-15 P-73 P-76 P-86 R-5 P-61 P-33 NA-16 F-37 A-143 A-144 A-151 A-158 A-187 F-36 A-141 A-136 A-135 A-132 A-131 A-117 A-89 A-47 A-41 A-19


Again, I’m offering these for free, using paper, ink, transfer paper and time. Please consider a donation below.